Firstly, check your junk mail folder. 

Some clients use over-zealous spam-mail filters and as a result sometimes our mail is delivered there, first. In the event you have checked all spam mail folders, and 21 days has elapsed since the day you submitted your project to us, please check this page

At the time of booking you were emailed instructions explaining how to log your script using DevKing. If you didn’t do this at the time, you’ll need to do it now. Your report will then be processed in the order in which it came in.

If you definitely logged the script in DevKing at the time of purchase, and definitely uploaded the script, and still haven't received a either:

a) an email from DevKing confirming your script has been uploaded, moments after uploading it

b) or your script report (note: all delivery times are at 6pm GMT on the final day of the delivery window)

Then you have almost certainly failed to follow the steps emailed to you straight after checkout and the steps detailed at length on this page.

At this point, please check your email for the instructions and revisit this page, which contains clear and simple instructions on how to complete your booking with us.

Per our Ts and Cs*, whilst best endeavours are made to reach our goal turnaround targets...these are goals rather than guarantees. 

Further, in a services business in which meeting turnaround targets relies on a myriad of factors including sudden workload variables, unexpected/sudden reader unavailability, heavy traffic, public holidays or other uncontrollable events, sometimes meeting said targets is not possible.

If you are concerned about a script turnaround time, please raise a support ticket and we'll investigate immediately.

*please note as per our Ts and Cs our turnaround times are stated goals, rather than guarantees. Services delayed by less than 3 days are not eligible for any compensation or refunds. Thank you for your understanding and patience in advance.

Paid for fast turnaround and then not received it? In this instance we will, of course, honour a full refund for the fast-turnaround extras you paid for. Please raise a support ticket to arrange this.