As we explained on our definition of a Script Editor page, there are essentially two “families” of terms when referring to script development professionals:

  1. script editors/readers/consultants/analysts/coaches/gurus.
  2. script doctors.

Script doctors differ from the other types of professional in that the others are reactive whereas a script doctor is proactive.

A script doctor will actually re-write parts – or even all – of a script. They will provide feedback in the same way a script editor will, but they will also suggest improvements and then go away and actually implement these improvements themselves.

Script doctors are far more prevalent in American than they are in Europe, and one of the key skills of a script doctor is to be able to remove their ego from the equation and stick tightly to a brief.

Script doctors, although often responsible for vastly improving movies and TV shows, are very rarely publicly credited and do most of their work unseen.