Our script doctoring service has been running since 2012, and delivered massive improvements to a broad variety of screenplays in that time.

Our service runs on a locked, fixed system that we have found over the years delivers the best results, with the greatest clarity.

Our Script Doctoring Process

  1. Before we can quote to re-write your script, first we need to read it. Step one, therefore, is to book our non-refundable Script Doctor’s Assessment Fee and then after payment follow the instructions sent to you to submit your script.
  2. Our script doctor would then read your script, assess it, and we would send you some thoughts on how he or she would approach the doctoring work, and how many weeks work would be required to hone the script to a market-ready level. You are not obliged to work to these notes at all, and our script doctors are experts in not deviating off course, and sticking to the brief you set them.
  3. Typically clients hire our script doctors on 3/4 week+ bookings, but sometimes they work for longer on projects, and very occasionally less. We typically insist on our script doctors working "3 weeks over 6 weeks" or "4 weeks over 6 weeks", so the process has the necessary time and space to breathe. This delivers the best results, in our experience.
  4. If our quote and fee is agreeable we would contract the work and you would be put into contact with our script doctor via secure email to discuss the re-write work in greater depth.
  5. You would be sent a Writer’s Contract, and an invoice containing our bank details. Payment would need to be made in-full, up-front, via online bank transfer or directly into our account, in-branch.
  6. During the early weeks of this process, you would be sent a treatment or step outline detailing the proposed changes our script doctor would make to the script. You will then need to "sign off" or "green light" our script doctor to move forward to full re-write, based on this outline. We include this step for added clarity and to protect both parties from any "he said, she said" further down the line.
  7. Our script doctor would complete the doctoring, in close email consultation with you, and deliver the revised script on an agreed date.

If you have any further questions about our script doctoring service please raise a support ticket.

Next steps: book your Script Doctor's Assessment here >> https://industrialscripts.thrivecart.com/other-script-coverage-services/