Our fees are highly competitive by industry standards and when one considers the quality of service we deliver, and are charged out on a weekly basis.

When you receive our Script Doctor's Quote you'll receive a full price for a certain number of weeks work (the number of weeks we believe the project needs to really improve).

All of our quotes are bespoke and different.

However, to give clients a vague idea of price, fees for dedicated script doctoring always run in to the thousands rather than hundreds of dollars. So you'll need to have assembled a respectable development budget in order to engage us.

As suggested elsewhere, typically clients book our doctors on anything upwards of a 3-week booking, and we have worked with clients on as much as a 25-week booking in the past.

We rarely work on 1 week projects (unless the project is a short script), simply because this does not allow enough time to really roll our sleeves up and make a genuine difference to a project.

Once our doctor has had a chance to read your script we will be in touch with a full, precise quote.

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