Yes, possibly, yes and yes. For obvious reasons, we charge for every read we do, whether it’s a re-submission or an initial submission, whether you’re a new client or we’ve worked with you 100 times. Consultant Time = fixed money. So you are more than welcome to re-submit your script to us, with the aim of being awarded a higher grading. Now it’s stating the obvious to say we offer absolutely no guarantees that this will happen, and we also cannot guarantee that it will be the same consultant who assesses your re-submission (although we will try our best to ensure the same person reads it). All you need to do is book another report, as before, directly via this website. We’ll then read it again and, hopefully, it’ll receive a higher grading. As far as your initial qualification for Talent Connector goes, you are still free to take us up on this initial qualification, if you receive the same rating as before and don’t want to lose your place in the queue.