There are several reasons you'd hire us to script doctor your project, above approaching a conventional literary agency.

  1. Budget. Most literary agents make a living representing major, heavily-credited screenwriters. These writers are both expensive and difficult to get hold of. You could wait months or even over a year for a big writer to have a free "window" to work on your project, and that's if you can even afford them in the first place. It's also likely that if they're that big a writer, they already do script doctoring and polishing work...for the Hollywood studios at hundreds of thousands of dollars...a week!
  2. Slow Response Times. Literary agents are not famous for returning calls promptly and you may struggle to get their attention at all unless you know them personally or have extremely deep pockets. By contrast, you'll hear from us in a matter of days and receive a full, transparent quote with no backwards and forwards.
  3. Admin Overload. Literary agents love a contract, and they love weaving in as many bumper clauses for their clients as they can (no shame there, it's their job). Through our standard script doctoring contract we both bypass all the email to and fro, the posturing between lawyers, and deliver an agreement that's totally transparent for both sides.
  4. Motivation. The truth of it is that even if you do harness a great writer through a literary agent, the work on your project is not going to be a major priority for either party: the writer or the agent. Script doctoring your project will simply be a stop-gap for the writer between "big" projects, and a forgettable transaction for the agent. We, by contrast, are heavily incentivised to produce a great performance for you - these reviews, after all, don't write themselves!

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