***UPDATE - on 17th September 2019 we switched to a new system in DevKing where your user profile is auto-generated - rendering the below, obsolete. After checkout please check your email for a message from no reply @industrial scripts dot com, with your auto-generated profile details.

The site password was emailed to you within 30 minutes of checking out.

If 30 minutes has not elapsed please simply sit tight.

Check your junk mail, and promotions folders for an email with the subject line "Finalise Your Booking Now". The site password is clearly contained in this email.

Statistically speaking it is extremely unlikely that this email has not been sent to you. 

The only instance where it might not have been is if you have previously unsubscribed from our mailing lists, and then the system is not able to deliver emails to you. You have, in effect, barred yourself.

In this instance please raise a support ticket in this knowledge base and we will personally deliver the site password to you.