If your credit or debit card is about to expire or has expired, or you simply want to change your credit card details, there are 2 ways of doing this:

Option 1

Set up a fresh payment facility using your new card at the link below.


Note: this doesn't commit you to a further 12 months of membership, it's simply the easiest method by which you can set up a new payment facility. After setting up the fresh facility simply raise a support ticket on here asking us to cancel the old one (ie the one with the card which was due to expire or had expired), and we'll go ahead and do that for you. If the card has already expired the payment will also fail, automatically.

Option 2

If you wish, you may also clear the balance of the account in one go.

Firstly, work out your joining date, and how many months your subscription you've already paid for, and how many are remaining (out of 12). Next, subtract one from the other, to reach the total bill outstanding.

Next, visit this link > https://industrialscripts.thrivecart.com/any-amount-payment/ 

And simply enter the amount owed in the form, pay, and checkout.

Alternatively, if you don't wish to clear the whole balance in one go you can set up a reminder in your calendar to revisit the link above every month and pay the £19 fee in steady instalments.