If you're experiencing issues uploading your script to DevKing, our script management platform, it's going to speed up the process for all parties if you ensure you've followed these basic troubleshooting steps first:

  • Completely clear your internet cache. Check out these YouTube tutorials on how to clear your internet cache. Potentially restart your internet browser and computer. This is the most important of the troubleshooting steps.
  • The preferred browser is Chrome, but DK works with all major browsers.
  • Open DevKing in an incognito or private browsing window (after clearing the cache). Check out YouTube again for how to open an incognito browser.
  • Shorten the actual title of the PDF document you're trying to upload, and remove any unorthodox characters (ie. ! & * $)
  • Ensure that the character limits for both the "Logline" and "Notes for Reader" sections are well below the clearly stated limits
  • Shorten the title of your script if it's of ETERNAL SUNSHINE...proportions
  • Ensure you've typed only numbers in the page count and fees paid sections.
  • Don't try and access DevKing on mobile, or iPad or tablet as it is not mobile compatible at this time.
  • Triple and quadruple check that every single section of the upload form has been completed and is correct/has been addressed (note, all fields are compulsory) 

If you've completed all of the above and still can't upload your script, please take screenshots of the page and attach them to a fresh support ticket.

We'll then get back to you asap!