Did you know?

Statistically speaking, over 75% of the tickets raised through this portal relate to supposedly undelivered emails, script reports, course handouts and other materials?

The key word here is supposedly.

Because in most cases the necessary documents or information were delivered successfully.

The problem is - they didn't land in your MAIN INBOX because your email service blocked them.

Hotmail and Gmail's spam filters are getting more and more aggressive every week, and landing in that main inbox is becoming incredibly challenging for companies.

Please check your junk mail, your promotions tab, your clutter folder, your alternate email address that you use for payments, your left pocket, your right pocket, the mailbox, the henhouse and indeed all and any other places BEFORE raising a support ticket us. 

Please also run an email search on @industrialscripts.com to ensure critical emails haven't been filtered somewhere.

It's going to get you what you need, what you want, much faster


NB. if you unsubscribed from IS emails historically, and then signed up for a product, service, or even free eBook it is likely that our system will not be allowed to email you. In this instance please raise a support ticket and we will manually resubscribe you. Alternatively, please sign up/purchase using a different email address.