Due to the sheer volume of material IS receives, our system (out of necessity) runs to an extremely fixed, locked, automated system. 

For example, we are never "emailed" scripts - all submissions to IS, bar none, are uploaded by the customer via a secure online form we provide, which appears immediately after checkout.

In the lion's share of cases, after the point of checkout or script upload there is not a way for you to edit the details entered.

If you make a mistake or change your mind about what you've ordered after checkout, it will require a manual intervention from us (or even, in extreme cases, our web developers) to alter or add data, once entered.

Likewise, if you made an error at the upload form point in the process and failed to upload your script (or uploaded multiple versions of your script, or uploaded the wrong script by mistake) or even waited too long after checking out to upload your script - this will again require a manual intervention.

Accordingly, we charge a $50 MANUAL ADMINISTRATION FEE (MAF) to amend basic errors made at checkout or at the point of script upload.

This includes occasions where forces beyond our control affect you submitting your script correctly (such as your wi-fi failing or you shutting the browser prematurely after payment - note the clear notice image from our checkout cart, below).

Do make sure to double and treble check the information you've entered at both checkout and at the point of script upload.

If you're focussed, the upload form is incredibly simple and easy to use - for example all the details from your checkout cart are automatically imported for you, so all you have to do is get your PDF upload right.

However if you have made a mistake, first head on over to this link > https://industrialscripts.thrivecart.com/any-amount-payment/ 

Pay the MAF, and finally raise a support ticket within this knowledge base (top right corner of screen) explaining the error you made, and stating that you have paid the necessary MAF.

We or our web developers will then make the requested edits for you.

Please note you do not need to make edits after the fact to the Genre, Sub-Genre, Logline or other "creative" details about your script. All our consultants will simply assess your writing on its own merits, and the details entered in these sections are not impactful in terms of the notes you will receive. However, if you have made a mistake in terms of page length, or have paid for the wrong service, or have uploaded the wrong PDF, please follow the instructions above. Thanks!