**Per other articles on this knowledge base and the information displayed on our script coverage page, the free, bolt-on Talent Connector programme was discontinued and will not appear in its current guise. Regrettably we are unable to give further guidance about this free bolt-on option**.

The service is a potentially 6-stage process, as follows:

  1. A writer or filmmaker books us to provide feedback on their script.
  2. We assess the script, and deliver the script analysis and feedback requested.
  3. In addition to their feedback, the writer/filmmaker will also receive notification in the event their project has qualified for our Talent Connector programme. If a client is NOT notified of Talent Connector qualification in this report-delivery email then, at least at this stage, their project was graded as a “Pass” by our consultant. Many clients implement feedback, then book a further report with us, and often find their grading improved
  4. If their script is considered to be at a Low Consider level or higher, then the writer/filmmaker will be invited to have their project championed by Industrial Scripts through Talent Connector, at a later date.
  5. When the time comes for their project to be marketed, the writer will be emailed by Industrial Scripts. The writer will then complete a form, containing pertinent details about their project, and the information the writer submits will then be marketed to a comprehensive list of bona fide executives, agents and producers in film and TV, once a month, for a 3 month period. Note: the script itself is not uploaded to this form, and Industrial Scripts does not market the script itself at any point, only the details.
  6. Agents, executives and producers participating in our Talent Connector scheme are then able to contact the writers/filmmakers directly, in the event that they wish to read their scripts. The writer then emails the script to the agent/producer. Industrial Scripts is not involved in this process in any way.