Hiring a screenwriter can be a hazardous and tricky process - there are plenty of individuals online parading themselves as "professionals", when in reality they are on the very periphery of the industry (at best).

Industrial Scripts' services have been reviewed over 1,500 times on Google-approved reviews platforms and we have demonstrable connections to high-levels of industry.

This is how our screenwriting services process works:

  1. Firstly, what existing material do you have? An idea only? A treatment? Or a full script you'd like rewritten?
  2. If you have a treatment or script or "completed material of significance", then your booking would fall under our script doctoring and rewriting service banner. You can book this in by following the links on this page.
  3. If, however, you simply have an idea, or are not at treatment or even pitch stage yet, then you'd need to raise a support ticket using the link at the top right of this portal, telling us as much as possible about your project and attaching your pitch document or idea.
  4. By telling us all about your project, your budget and your expectations we're then able to provide you with a quote for the work in question.