Unfortunately due to the volume of material we handle, we're unable to offer bespoke or tailored script development options, or offer discounts on the locked/minimum fees quoted.


So, for example, you might have a TV pilot which is unusually long (120 pages, say, or the length of the YELLOWSTONE pilot episode). However our TV Drama service, which this type of screenplay exists for, only accepts scripts up to 60p in length (unless an additional fee is paid to cover the extra pages).

In this circumstance, therefore, you would need to pay the additional fees to cover the pages beyond page 60. 

This option to pay for extra pages is included in the checkout cart.

You cannot purchase an alternative service (say, a Film Coverage Report, which permits scripts up to 120 pages) and then reverse your script into this, separate service.

Likewise, if you have 2 x TV scripts, you cannot bolt these together and purchase a Film Forensic Notes service to cover these.


We had this query from a client:

"We need coverage on a TV Series Treatment/Synopsis that represents three Seasons. It totals 118 pages (at 1.5 spacing) – i.e., approximately 38 pages per Season. 


I know this doesn’t fit your normal formats, but is it something you are able to do? If so, what would the price be? And how should it be paid for/submitted?"

So the answer to the client's query is that she would need to book our TV Bible Service as normal and simply pay the additional pages fees at checkout (which in this case would be 118 - 20 = 98 extra pages).

This is so that her request can neatly slot into IS' fixed service types.


Equally, if you're interested in having your short script Proofed and Polished, then a lower fee would not be charged simply because the material you're submitting is shorter, because this would require an amendment to the core service type.

Fundamentally, though: all IS coverage or feedback services are locked/fixed.

This is in contrast to our script doctoring and screenwriting services which are quoted for and delivered on a bespoke, case-by-case basis. 

Ultimately the material you're submitting must precisely match the service type and description.

You can view all our services including detailed descriptions here > https://industrialscripts.com/script-coverage-services/