If you've forgotten your username and/or password you can reset it at the links below.

To register as a User of the site: https://courses.industrialscripts.com/wp-login.php?action=register

Lost password: https://courses.industrialscripts.com/account/lost-password/

Log in page: https://courses.industrialscripts.com/wp-login.php

To log in to your course: https://courses.industrialscripts.com/my-courses/

If you've attempted to reset your password and nothing's happened, please attempt these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Firstly, please try several times (ideally on different browsers) to reset your password.
  2. Check your Junk mail and Promotions folders, sometimes our automated emails end up there.
  3. Check whether you received several emails from us soon after checkout. If you didn't, there is a chance you entered your email address wrong at checkout, in which case you'll need to raise a support ticket and we'll need to manually edit your account (please allow up to 7 days for this change).
  4. Is your email address an AOL.com one? If so there is a known glitch (outside our control, on AOL's side), which blocks our password reset emails getting through to customers. In this instance you'll need to 
    1. a) have an alternative email address such as a Gmail ready and then 
    2. b) raise a support ticket so we can change the email address on your account to Gmail (again, please allow up to 7 days for this change).
  5. If you've tried all these steps and still had no joy you can raise a support ticket and we'll dig in to it for you.