If you joined on a pay monthly OVERDRIVE membership, and wish to cancel within any 12-month minimum contract window (subscriptions initiated post December 2017 are automatically set to auto-renew on a 12-month basis - see this article for more info) or catch up after missing some payments, please follow the steps below.

If you joined on a recurring pay annual membership, simply raise a support ticket explaining that you wish to cancel your membership and we'll confirm when this has been done.

How To Cancel Your Pay Monthly Subscription Early or Catch Up An Account In Arrears

  1. Per the Ts & Cs members commit to at the time of application, an OVERDRIVE membership costs £228 per year on a minimum 12-month rolling contract.
  2. To cancel one of your contracts early, simply subtract the total number of payment instalments you've successfully made, from the total fees owing.
  3. So if your subscription was either initiated or renewed and in that particular calendar year you have successfully made 7 payment of £19, then the total outstanding would be £95 (£228 - (£19 x 7) 
  4. To clear this balance or catch up after some missed payments, simply visit this payment link, enter the relevant outstanding amount, click and pay.
  5. Finally, simply raise a support ticket in this portal advising that you have cleared the balance and wish to cancel your membership/continue with membership.

We'll then confirm in writing that your membership has been cancelled/continued.